Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hacker Alert!

Well, I knew I'd stirred a hornet's nest by writing about the Trial Lawyers College. But refraining from writing has stirred an even bigger nest, and attracted this blog's first hacker.

I received a note today from an apparently friendly alum asking why I had seen the need to label a certain ex-staffer as rowing without oars in the water. I was puzzled by the note. I know the staffer to whom the writer referred, and there is no question that this person was not the target of my ire. I had done no such thing.

As I was preparing to write on another topic, I noticed that the IP address of my cowardly lion, the person who writes half a dozen times a day or more to express chagrin at me, was in a different typeface than previously. I clicked on the address, and was directed to the log in page for another blog page.

I am naive about the ways of hackers, but someone out there is not. I have been hacked. To avoid future harm to the reputation of a friend, I have eliminated the IP address from the earlier post. "Lunatic Fringe, I Know You're Out There ..." When this IP address is run on Google, it lists only servers and stray comments on bizzare stuff.

My, my, my, what twisted souls struggle to be heard. One would think that if they had something to say, they'd start their own blog page, rather than trying to sabotage another's. But thank you for reading, caring and sharing, even if what you've offered is twisted.