Sunday, September 13, 2009

TLC: J.R. Clary, Writing For The College

I originally posted a splenetic piece that was great fun to write. It was too much fun to write, frankly; sort of like running a race against a one-legged man. It was critical of a lawyer whom I have never met and who apparently took a few shots at me. I've decided to pull the vitriole. What's the point?

I commend Clary's piece for all who want the perspective of TLC loyalists.

J.R.'s a hero to tribe insiders. God bless him. He is a member of the junior board associated with the TLC, the so-called F-Warriors board. In two years, he'll get a seat on the big board as F-Warrior representative. I am told that he was recently offered the position of Executive Director but turned it down.

As for the rest of his silliness, res ipsa loquitur.